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​​The New Mexico Paint Horse club is a regional club of the American Paint Horse Association


To be eligible for any year end high point titles and awards, members must work and accumulate 50 volunteer points over the show season.  Points can be earned by working at a show in a variety of duties: assisting with show preparation; actively serving on committees such as awards, banquet, and show committees; or by getting someone (can be friend or family) to work for them.  Volunteer points cannot be earned by someone working in a paid position at the show.  Volunteers will be responsible for submitting points to the volunteer coordinator/recorder to be verified and tracked.  Points are not transferrable except among immediate family.  See Volunteer Points and Rules for more information.  Members who earn volunteer points during the show season but fail to meet the 50 volunteer point requirement will be able to pay for additional points at the rate of $1 per point to meet the 50 points needed.  Members can also opt to pay $50 before their first approved show in lieu of the volunteer point requirement.

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